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"The Friday 4 Minutes is one of the only newsletters I read every week. Each week Har sends you practical and tactical tips to enhance your writing skill so you can build a sustainable digital writing business online. Subscribe if you want to win the game of digital writing."

Soumya Rai

"Har’s Friday 4 minutes newsletter is an absolute gem. It cuts through the noise and provides actionable and practical tips to help everyone level up their digital writing game. Har knows what he is talking about, so I definitely recommend giving it a read."

Aman Rath

"I love reading Har's Friday 4 minutes every time it gets released. It is one of the few Newsletter which has no BS and gives pure actionable advices on Digital Writing."

Sunita Bindhani

"This newsletter is an absolute gem for everyone who wants to learn digital writing. What sets The Friday 4 Minutes apart from other newsletters is the sheer amount of high-quality, actionable advice he provides. Each week, Har shares practical insights, and proven tips on writing that helped me improve my own writing skills. It's a must-read for anyone serious about digital writing."

Prasad Bambarkar

"Har is the only guy on Twitter who is growing his personal brand the right way. If you want to start your digital writing journey then Har's newsletter is the way to go. You will learn everything one should know about Twitter & writing."

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